Recommended Daily Dosage

recommended daily dosage of scallop derived plasmalogen


  • Preferably taken on an empty stomach or 2 hours after meal. 
  • Dosage is optimised at 2 capsules a day (taken separately). Taking more is not recommended.
  • If necessary, capsule may be opened and mixed with water for ease of consumption. Do not use hot water.

* Based on clinical studies, best results are achieved with 1 capsule (0.5mg), 2 times a day. Combining 2 capsules (1 mg) in one serving is not recommended.

Supporting evidence 1:

In a clinical trial, patients (aged 60 – 85 years) with mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD) were orally administered 0.5mg Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN or placebo twice a day for 24 weeks and their cognitive functions were assessed. Oral administration of Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN significantly improved memory function of the mild AD patients, in which significant memory improvement was also seen in a subgroup of female subjects and those who were younger than 77 years old. No clinically relevant adverse events were observed and thus, it is safe for consumption.

Taking 0.5mg Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN twice a day significantly improved the cognitive function of

patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD) 

Supporting evidence 2:

According to another clinical trial, patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s who were given 0.5mg plasmalogen twice a day for 6 months observed the most significant improvement in cognitive function (as assessed by MMSE scores), compared to those on a higher dosage. A higher MMSE score indicates better cognitive function.


Taking 0.5mg Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN twice a day resulted in the most remarkable improvement in cognitive function 

of patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s

Supporting evidence 3:

Another clinical trial conducted on individuals with poor cognitive function showed that oral administration of 0.5mg plasmalogen resulted in significant improvement of cognitive function (↑MMSE scores).

Taking 0.5mg plasmalogen daily improved cognitive function of those with mild cognitive impairment

Supporting evidence 4:

In addition to clinical trials, feedback from customers also revealed that effects from taking 2 capsules (1mg plasmalogen) in one go was not as good as 1 capsule (0.5mg plasmalogen) twice daily.