Buying Tips

Where to Buy?

Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN is now commercially available at // The product name is “NeuroREGAIN”

Choose your Plasmalogen wisely

Look for the one that is extracted from a natural source (to be safe) and clinically proven (to be effective).

i) Comparison to plasmalogen precursor (drug):

ii) Comparison to other plasmalogen supplement:

1. Scientific studies have shown that scallop is a better source of plasmalogen than chicken for the following reasons:

• The structure of plasmalogen extracted from scallop is closer to those found in the human body.

• Plasmalogen from scallop is enriched with higher amount of omega-3s (DHA and EPA), thereby giving it the added efficacy of serving the functions of both plasmalogen and the two essential omega-3s.

2. Arrow represents the entry point of plasmalogen precursors: