Signs of Dementia

Are your loved ones having the following problems?

  • Forgot his car key again?
  • Forgot where he kept his money?
  • Forgot the names of close relatives and friends?
  • Forgot to pick up grandchildren from school?
  • Always cannot find his car in the car park?
  • Disturbed in sleep patterns?
  • Lost interest in friends, family, work or home activities?
  • Progressively more difficult in multi-tasking?
  • Difficulty in remembering faces, colours or shapes?
  • Become less likely to initiate or maintain conversation?
  • Being irritable, short tempered or aggressive at times?
  • Become more anxious about routine visits or events?
  • Inability to relax and fatigue?
  • View him as a trouble to the family?
  • Accumulate objects when he did not do so before?
  • Develop alcohol, drug taking, gambling or start shoplifting?
  • Say rude things or make salacious sexual remarks that he would not have done before?
  • Start talking openly about very personal things not usually discussed in public?
  • Always suspect that he is in danger, others want to harm him or steal his belongings?
  • Acts as if he sees things or hears voices which are false perceptions?

These are signs of dementia, a collection of symptoms characterized by a slow decline in memory, personality and overall functioning of a person. If your loved ones have displayed these symptoms, it is good to visit a good geriatrician or neurologist before it is too late!